Special services

Looking for something special, need assistance or simply require good materials within field of development
and production of multirotor drones. I would love to help with any questions regarding custom UAS.

Here is several jobs that I offer to my customers:

  • design, prototyping, developing and testing of multirotor drone frames and other related products;

  • production of parts from composites (pre-preg technology, resin infusion, vacuum bag
    or manual laminating, CNC cutting service);

  • production of custom parts from High Grade Aluminium, Titanium and other alloys (CNC cutting, CNC milling, cold forming);

  • production and supply of High Grade Aluminium, Titanium and other alloys (screws, nuts, standoffs and other), MOQ in 1000 pcs.;

  • production and supply of prefabricated composite sheets, various size and thickness, custom production is possible.

Feel free to contacting us using contact form here.

Regards and Happy Flying,