My Story

 I believe in beauty!

Beauty comes from the finest of details as result of hard work,
and true hard work can only exist with real passion and love.

Uncommon thinking and an endless exploration outside the common boundaries leads to the true beauty.

Since I was a child, I was passionate about design, especially automotive design. Every day I used to sketch and draw various vehicles and aircrafts of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately life had its ways of keeping me from doing what I truly loved.

Until now…

Nowadays I do what I love - thinking, sketching, drawing, cutting, drilling, screwing, soldering, flying and breaking stuff over and over again…
furiously trying to get closer to my perfect creation.

I am truly happy that now I can direct my energy into the development and creation of something truly unique
and which can represent the inner me.

This is just the beginning – there are so many more boundaries to push and explore
and so much more to come from all of us within the multirotor drone community!

See you in the Sky!