New FLYING SQUIRREL V3.0 version is here.


Bigger and lighter

New version of so popular now Cinewhoop is here.

I have shaved weight and slightly changed geometry. It is still “Dead Cat” layout, but with even more space on top for bigger batteries or 3-axis gimbals.

Frame goes in two versions without ducts, and with SLS 3d printed ducts. These ducts are more accurate with smooth surface for better airflow.

CrissCrossFPV is partnering with
Drone Sport Global


DCL, here we come!

CrissCrossFPV started partnership with Drone Sports Global, which is one of the racing team competing at Drone Champions League.

CrissCrosFPV will supply special frames for DCL racing events. And as well provide any support within other Drone Sports Global’s activity.

"ARTISAN" 3k Plain Full Woven Carbon Fiber composite sheets


50% thougher

In my research of best stength-to-cost ratio for CF composites, I have found that delamination is the biggest enemy to multi-layered sheets.

In latest strength test sheets made from “Artisan” full woven CF composite sheets showed up to 50% increase of toughness in to comparison to regular sheets that are used in 99% of drone frames.