Beauty within perfection

CrissCrossFPV brand is a small, one man business, which focuses on creation of unique one-of-kind drone frames, fusing top quality materials, cutting edge technologies and highest attention to details. I do not stop until a wonderful piece of art is crafted.

Different types of frames available for direct order, with regular and hybrid arms. All of them are with different specs and layouts, for hardcore racing, casual freestyle, HD video footage.

As well I’m open to any extravagant request from customers to create any custom product. I’m offering design, development and tests services of all kind of drone frames starting from tiny whoops and FPV drone frames, up to X-Class racing and full sized camera drones.

CrissCrossFPV brand’s creating philosophy is “Low Drag, Light Weight". It is a way to create stable, controllable, agile and responsive drones. Besides that they are tough to break, pleasant to work on, elaborately constructed and are enjoyable to fly.

Carbon fiber composites are specially made for CrissCross FPV frames. To achieve maximum strength and durability yet minimum weight, CF composites based on Toray T700 fibers. That type of carbon fibers are golden standard for Motor racing and Aerospace industries. In special cases custom “Artisan” Full Woven CF composite is used for parts production. This type grants more 50% of durability.

Metal parts and fasteners are made from 7075 T6 Aluminum, Grade 5 Titanium and Grade 10.9 or 12.9 Carbon Steel.

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