Shopify vs Squarespace

Hei, Pilots!!!

Today I would like to say few words about completely different thing than usually. I will tell about my experience using webshops hosting platforms.

Recently I have decided to move from Squarespace to Shopify. And here is my two cents explaining the reasons for that.

I have liked Squarespace very much. Before to choose platform for my webstore I have tried many others. Every webshops hosting platform has own pros and cons. None of them is the best. They are different with own list of options.

I have found Squarespace is build more around design and visual appeal. It gives a lot for easy customization and adjustments of external view. Exactly what I have looked for i the beginning - unique and qualitative front page.

But growing more I have started to look for some additional features in background. And in some positions Squarespace is loosing to competitors. But still providing some interesting and unique features.

I'm actively use social platforms and at one time selling within social become crucial for me. And unfortunately Squarespace doesn't have such a thing.

That was hard decision for me. To keep unique design or to have ability to work with social channels.

And here I am. Launching site on Shopify. Not so glamorous as before and with less easy customization. But with huge social and other sales channels possibilities.

Resuming if you looking for webshop design go to Squarespace, but if you need more work with background look elsewhere.

Happy hosting !!!

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