CineWhoops are added to collection !!!

I always was fan of fluid video footage taken by compact 3-inch drones. These little machines capable to create qualitative HD videos being easy to operate and safe to use indoor. 

So I decided to make own "CineWhoops" creations combining all ideas that are around this type of drones. 

Thanks to Paul Nurkkala (Nurk FPV) and Andy Shen (Shendrones) for their input !!!

First is 2.5 inch Cinema Tankette. Small, compact, safe, robust. To use within crowded space and tiny gaps. I would suggest to use bigger motors available due higher total drone weight comparing to regular 2-3 inch drones. Drone is still in test phase for best setup, but probably Emax 2519 Avan Rush and GepRC 1206 could deliver good ratio of performance to flight time. You could try to use shortened 3-inch props too, as they have more blade width, and therefore will be more efficient. In general with 3s 850mAh battery you should expect up to 3 minutes of flight time on moderate thrust.

Second is 3-inch Flying Squirrel frame. This one has slightly different idea behind it. I was willing to get maximum flight time yet be able to scoop indoor. "Dead Cat" frame layout was chosen for ability to have HD cam in front still not obstructing props. As well drone tends to be more stable and slightly easier to yaw. Big flat area in center of the frame allow to use double 4s 850mAh batteries, which drastically increases flight time. Same story here, you should use bigger and powerful motors to get maximum from drone. As well I agree to Andy Shen note that bigger sized props works better as soon as their are cut to fit in to the ducts with minimum gap. In this case you can gain up to 20% increase of thrust.

Both frames can be used in regular (with props sucking  air) or inverted (props pushing air) variation. To do that you need just to flip frame up side down and install ducts with lip facing up.

Thanks for reading! Have fun, go flying!

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